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With a thick fringe, metallic gold cowboy boots and a pair of black leather pants, 20 year old Pip joins us in the living room with a smile. From a one year styling school experience, she began her career early and soon after became a fashion stylist and shopping editor for Grazia and Marie Claire Netherlands, where she is today. We talk family, the thrills of fashion and the joy of gifting.

It becomes evident early on in our conversation that Pip really thrives for the fast pace and the unique world that is the fashion scene. "I'm a big fan of art and self-expression... I get to meet so many new and interesting people every day and learn from them. I think the world of fashion is so unique and magical, but also very approachable at the same time."

My favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is to go to a museum or to take a walk through Amsterdam. I love to find inspiration in everyday life.

"Metallic is a big thing right now -- as you can see." Pip motions her arms towards her head to toe outfit in different shades of metallic colors, and continues. "This Christmas season you can’t wear enough glitters and metallics. This of course also works for jewelry – layering and wearing different earrings like the Jane earrings or just one statement earring and adding multiple piercings to it." "I like to match classic pearl jewelry with a rock ‘n roll look. Something like a pearl necklace, a pearl earring, a golden one and a petite watch, combined with a gold metallic dress or top and a pair of cowboyboots. That would be a great Christmas outfit."

Pip normally spends Christmas at home with her mother and sister, as her father is always working during Christmas. "Christmas has never really been a big thing for us, but I do love it and now I always want to invite everyone." So this year Pip decided to also celebrate with her friends, "I'm organising a Christmas dinner at my place for my friends and I. Lots of food, wine and I'll be decorating everyones plates with their wrapped Rosefield gifts".

What are you gifting this Christmas?

“I’m giving my best friends gift boxes. That way they can choose what strap they’re in the mood for and switch it whenever they want.” “I got my grandma the pearl necklace. It’s classic but cool at the same time, just like her.” “My sister and my mom are both receiving a watch. I wanted to give them something special, and what is more precious than time?”

My Christmas gift advise is to give a memory. Give your loved ones a small trip, a special dinner or a fun activity. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. A memory lasts forever.

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