26mm watch - Women’s Watches

Nothing says sophisticated quite like a 26mm watch. The beauty of Rosefield’s 26mm women’s watch lies in its covetable combination of timeless elegance. Whether you’re heading to the office or for a night out with the girls, this timepiece perfectly complements any outfit. 

26mm watches: the classic size

Perfect for those who prefer a watch that's substantial without being chunky, this 26mm watch comes with a durable stainless steel or a metallic patent vegan strap. Favoured by those with a slim wrist, Rosefield’s 26mm women’s watch is elegant and timeless and resembles a modern heirloom. The 26mm watch face is unique and minimalistic and makes every outfit stand out.

Minimalistic 26mm watch faces

The minimalist 26mm watch face, makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. The 26mm watch is a timeless yet distinctive accessory, with a design that is equally elegant and sophisticated. Paying homage to New York’s timeless aesthetics our 26mm women’s watch takes a modern take on a classic design, resulting in a true vintage-feeling. The 26mm watch face is distinctive in its own right but especially when outlined by the simple hour markers.

Make it yours

Having trouble choosing a style? Luckily you don’t have to - personalise your look with interchangeable watch straps in  Our 26mm watch is compatible with other straps within the Small Edit & Premium Gloss (26mm) collection.

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